Those Were The Days

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When this particular song first came out by Welsh singer, Mary Hopkins, I was still at school! Now, many years later, it is still the Welsh theme that appeals as I start my second year of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales

Going back to school last year to take a part time distance ed MA was a leap. The first two courses - An Introduction to Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and an Introduction to Research Methods, were alternately fascinating and daunting. This year I move on to Sacred Geography, Archaeoastronomy, Medieval Astrology and Psychological Perspectives, sure to unearth a whole new set of reactions!

Why were last years courses fascinating? Well, I found out that whatever I had come up with in the past in regards to 'new angles' on astrology, had, in actual fact, their seeds planted many hundreds of years ago by astrologers of the day, facing pretty similar issues to those of todays astrologers. Starting to trace the links between what happened in astrology in the past and now, and how it has all evolved and developed along the way, has been eye opening.   

Why daunting? To be a student again after all these years and to feel on the bottom of the academic heap studying with the likes of Nick Campion, Bernadette Brady and Liz Greene. 

At times during the year, everything about me wanted to scream - but I am here, doesn't that count for something?? Well, yes, it does, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Step by step, and maybe it feels like a little too slowly at times, I am getting there.

So here's to all the new/returning students preparing to gear up here in Toronto for their own new year of astrological studies! It may keep us humble but, if next June, we can see all that we have learnt, surely that is what matters. Good luck!

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone - Rainer Maria Rilke


Title courtesy of Mary Hopkin