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In September 2008, I stepped off the KLM flight into Kilimanjaro airport, Tanzania, late on a Saturday evening after two transatlantic flights, into the heavy heat of an African night and thought - I am coming home. This blog is as much to do with what happens in life and trying to put it into an astrological perspective.

At the age of 12, my parents surprised my brother and I out of our totally traditional english existence by asking 'how would we like to go and live in Africa?' It was a bit of a rhetorical question because within a matter of weeks we had taken off in a VC 10 aircraft from Heathrow airport and were living in Zambia.

Several years later, I cemented the bond with Africa by marrying someone who was born there and who had grown up while his parents were living in East Africa.

When our youngest child was 16, we decided to introduce them to the excitement of an African adventure by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. So far, so good, we are exposing our children to our love of Africa but never thinking of what the next step would be.

And this is where it gets interesting so please follow along. Having two sets of grandparents who had lived in Africa and both parents, it should not really be surprising that our children would have had the same love of the place, but not at all something we had ever really thought of.

My father in law was in Kenya in the 1970's to set up Heinneman Educational Books - his proudest moment was having his photograph taken with President Jomo Kenyatta, shown above. Upon leaving Kenya, he recruited an outstanding Kenyan, Henry Chakava, to take his place.

Our daughter decided to take a leave of absence this fall to do some volunteer microfinance work for KIVA. She was assigned to Africa - to Kenya - to Nairobi would you believe - and is staying with Henry and his family while she is in Nairobi. It is such a relief to us that she is in good hands.

So, astrologically, a grandfather sets off to do some work in Africa and recruits someone to take his place. This person does a stellar job in his own right and now assists the grandfather's grand daughter by letting her stay with his family for the duration of her stay, while she in turn does whatever she can to continue her efforts in volunteering in Kenya. Astrologically, I do not believe this is at all a coincidence but will need some unravelling!

In the meantime, this has given us an opportunity to go back to Africa this year - we have booked our flights and will be going back in December. One of the places is to visit the volcanoes in Uganda climbing one of them and then also planning to visit the Mountain Gorillas.

 title courtesy of Diddy-Dirty Money+Skylar Grey