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To my mind, of all the planets in the solar system, the one whose energy is invoked to a significant degree in Stevie Nicks song, 'Planets of the Universe', is the planet Neptune.

Neptune is in the far reaches of our solar system and was named after Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. It takes approximately 165 years to complete one orbit of the sun and it has just (2011) completed its first complete orbit around the sun since its discovery in 1846. These 4 images were taken by NASA's Hubble telescope in honour of this event.

Notice the beautiful blue green colour of Neptune.  It was the first planet to be found - not by observation - but by mathematics. A French Mathematician, Urbain Joseph Le Verrier, calculated that there had to be something at this point in space, even if it could not be seen. Having decided this, a German astronomer, Johanne Galle, was the first person to find Neptune within 1 degree of Le Verrier's calculations.

Upon its discovery in 1846, it doubled the size of our known solar system. Due to its distance from Earth, it has only been visited once - by NASA's Voyageur 2.  Other planets closer to home have received much more attention. Symbolically and astrologically, the energy of this planet is also hard to get a handle on. Whether you consider its physical distance from the Earth and the vast space in between, or being ruled by the God of the Sea with all its unfathomable depths, its energy always appears rather elusive while, at the same time, incredibly creative.

Astrologically, Neptune rules intuition, creativity, inspiration, compassion, spirituality. In fact, everything we would need if we were to launch ourselves deep into the realms of our solar system on a mission to find this planet. Please note I have not used any of the so called negative words sometimes associated with this giant - illusion and delusion. These we may encounter on our lofty and lengthy search for this planet, but never forget it was first discovered by a mathematician and we have to keep those co-ordinates locked in, moving towards our target, however long and by whatever route that may take us.

Beaming back in to Planet Earth ...

The Spring CAAE exam date has been set for Saturday April 28th.      

I am very pleased to note that Kelly Surtees, Alison Price and I will be giving an intermediate astrology weekend workshop at Wonderworks in Toronto on May 5th and 6th, 2012. Please look out for further details.

Best Wishes

Title courtesy of Stevie Nicks