Janet is offering her teaching online again on an individual or small group setting. Her approach is to enable students to fast track through a selection of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) elective courses in a 2 month period.


Working in collaboration with other cultural astronomy and astrology teachers, Janet provides educational opportunities for students.

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Offering individual sessions since 1990, Janet has clients who come back year after year to match up their life stories with what is going on for them in the sky.

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Cynthia Morris, Dip CAAE
November 2017

I have had the pleasure of meeting Janet Markham when beginning my elective courses to complete my CAAE Diploma. With her vast knowledge and excellent communication skills, learning via Skype was a wonderful experience. As I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, online classes were the perfect solution. The course material was presented in an interesting and professional manner, with online articles and course materials that I could print at my convenience. Online learning was an extraordinary opportunity to be able to study in my own home at my own pace. I highly recommend Janet for her expertise, teaching abilities and experience. 


Sally Watts
Eastern Canada
December 2020

I moved out to the East Coast from Ontario in 2017 and I was a bit worried that I would not find it so easy to carry on with my Astrology studies.  Fortunately it was easier than I had anticipated thanks to Skype and other forms of social media. Janet delivers marvelous courses which are easy to follow and are at my own pace.  Her teaching style is very encouraging and I have looked forward to working with her in all the courses that she delivers.

Emily Layng Dip CAAE 
December 2020

During this pandemic year, I have been able to complete several astrology classes, and I was delighted to touch base with Janet Markham, and complete my diploma program under her tutelage. Janet is well prepared, and her teaching style is one of guidance and mentorship. With her wealth of knowledge and her experience she provides a new perspective on familiar topics and with her experience as an instructor can move the class along in a prescribed direction. Her guidance and insights have allowed me to expand as an astrologer, and develop my own personal style; Janet brings out the best in her students. Although I have completed the diploma program, I am looking forward to attending any seminars or workshops that Janet may develop. I highly recommend Janet as an instructor and guide along your astrological journey.