Readings by Janet Markham

Offering individual sessions since 1990, Janet has clients who come back year after year to match up their life stories with what is going on for them in the sky.

The following services are offered as a part of your individual reading:

  • 75 minute natal chart consultation
  • Look at year ahead
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Hewton Tavares
March 2021

Janet Markham has been my astrologer for 15 years now. At the time I met her, I was desperately looking for someone to give me astrological advice, some years after having moved to Canada. And I am so glad I have found her! 

Since our first meeting, Janet has been one of those special people who makes you feel at ease right away. No matter what I have wanted to talk about, she has been ready to listen in a non-judgmental way. Not to mention that she is also very knowledgeable regarding everything astrology has to offer.

I get very excited before all my astrological consultations, usually one or two weeks before my birthday. I need these conversations with her every year to get my life in order, at least inside my mind (I am an Aquarius).  In this sense, she has been consistently good to give me a wonderful sense of perspective. I am so thankful for the support. For this, I am absolutely inclined to recommend her, not only as an astrologer but as a teacher as well.