Reconnection and moving on

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In my last blog post, I noted that there was to be a solar eclipse coming up on June 10 – the first of the year in 2021. Given that one of the places that this was visible from was Toronto, here are some amazing images taken in the early morning (5:30 am – 6:45 am) on June 10 by photographer, Richard Briggs. The location was down at the Leslie Street spit with a view over Lake Ontario.

Tonight, almost 2 weeks after the eclipse, life has moved on and it is now time for the next full moon. Close to the same spot that those photos were taken, the triathlon group I am part of has gone for a full moon swim in Lake Ontario, wetsuits clad with small lights. It must have been a lot of fun and also  contemplative, swimming along in the darkness of the water.

In addition, the planet Mercury changed direction yesterday and now moves forward. It is really starting to be a time of reconnection and preparing to move on. 

In terms of my own life, I have definitely been in a state of reconnection recently. Reconnecting with family returning to Canada. Reconnection too as things start to open up again in Toronto as many more people are vaccinated. 

So, how best to move forward now the pause button is starting to lift? Cautiously and with a healthy dose of self care. We cannot help but have changed, the world we knew has changed and its going to take some time to bring things back into  proper balance and order again. The solar eclipse of June 10 was the first opportunity of 2021 to start to think to the future, to start planning ahead again. The full moon last night a chance to reflect, to reassess, and contemplate. We need both of these cycles – definite movement forward followed by occasional pause and reassess. The first eclipse season of 2021 is now over and the next will not start until November. Then there will be a lunar eclipse on November 19 followed by a solar eclipse on December 4 – exactly the reverse of what happened this May and June and potentially much more potent in driving things forward!