Recommended astrology books for beginners

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There are many astrology books out there and all astrologers or budding astrologers will have favorites of their own. The thumbed, dog-eared classics that are always the ‘go to’ when all else fails.

Having taught classes since 1990, I am always being asked for recommendations. There are still 4 classics which I feel should be in every astrologers toolbox.

The first two are by Marion March and Joan McEvers Only Way to Learn Astrology Series Vols 1 and 2. Identified by students as ‘the red book’ and ‘the blue book’, these two contain a good intro to astrology as well as the beginning steps in natal chart interpretation. Yet another, for those psychologically inclined, is the superb book by Stephen Arroyo, ‘Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements’. The final one is by UK astrologer, Sue Tompkins, ‘Aspects in Astrology’. Non of these books are big ticket items, so why not put them on your Holiday Gift list as a gift to yourself!