Brian Clark recommended readings

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When I was first studying astrology, I came across a booklet on the lunation process by Brian Clark. It was simply written but covered everything I needed to know on the lunation cycle. From there I moved on to Brian’s work on Secondary Progressions, Chart Calculations and whatever else he had to offer. More recently his books on vocation and relationships. 

Brian left Canada to move to Australia many years ago and now resides in Tasmania so I thought the chances of us ever connecting in person were a bit of a long shot. Then I heard him speak last year at an online weekend conference put on by the Mayo School of Astrology in the UK. And I suddenly thought why not – with his connection to Canada maybe he might be willing to speak to us, given we are all now so much more connected online. And he was delighted to.

His 2 hour talk is coming up on Sunday April 25 from 7-9 pm on the concept of how astrologers use Time, material taken from his latest book. And yes, and on the topic of time, it is a bit of a different time for us to hold a lecture on a Sunday evening! But it will already be Monday morning in Tasmania and Brian will have lots of energy and more to spare!

Join me in welcoming him back to Canada and I do hope you will join us!